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by ryan on July 9, 2017

Choosing a Travel Itinerary Templates


Whether you are traveling to a remote island resort for a vacation, to a major city for a business trip, or just going to a family reunion nearby, having a travel itinerary is a great way to ensure that your time and money is well spent.

Travel Itinerary Template – Your travel planning guide

Since few travelers have the luxury of an open schedule, keeping all the details down of where you want to go, how long you want to spend at a place, and when you need to be back makes your vacation into a well-run machine. Using a travel itinerary template allows you to ensure that multiple schedules or destinations can be effectively consolidated.

Think Of The Time

No matter what travels you intend to go on, it is always recommended that you think chronologically about your travels rather than in terms of places or people. This is because the world runs on time, and being even a few minutes late to a flight, train, hotel booking, or meeting will result in disaster. Record the openings and closings of monuments, museums, parks, or restaurants that you would like to go to on your itinerary so that you can keep your schedule in line with the places you end up visiting. Remember to give yourself a lot of flexibility when getting from place to place: if a plane takes off at 3:00 PM, do not expect that you can safely be at a airport by 2:30.

Using A Template

Start with a template that is color-coded, such as this one.

With a color-coded template, you can put travel updates, individuals, or days of a trip in different colors so that there is no confusion about who is going where and when. If you want every person to be on the exact same schedule, such as if you are traveling as a family, you will need to color-code the destinations rather than the individuals traveling, since it is more important that everyone knows where to go than who is going. Likewise, if there is only one activity on the day, you can focus on how each person is getting to and from the destination rather than what the destination is.

List The Basics

Every travel itinerary template should have many aspects to it, but the most important is threefold: the schedule of events, the transportation, and the lodging. These three events are inflexible (compared to dining or packing), meaning that it is crucial that every person have the same details about the most important topics. An itinerary template like this:

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Is short, sweet, and to the point with no elaborate topics. It can be filled in by anyone, even a younger traveler, without question.

Emergency Information

Not all travel templates have emergency information, but in the event that you are leaving the country (especially for a less secure region) it is important to have the contact details of several different emergency institutions. When traveling overseas, use an itinerary that has the contact numbers of your embassy. A template such as this:

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Has extra space where you can put in the information that anyone can use in the event of an emergency. As well as information about government contacts when traveling in a foreign country, put in contact numbers for the police and the closest hospital you can find. Have the number for the hotel and the airlines that you are using for traveling in or out of the country. For a domestic travel plan, you only need the contact numbers for your hotel, a rental car company, and any relatives or friends in the vicinity who could help out in a rough situation.

Extra Tidbits

Small bits of information that can be put in an itinerary include foreign translations of basic phrases (such as “where is the bathroom”), the number of your flight coming in or out, and any reservations that you will have throughout the travel plan.

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