Cleaning Business Plan Templates

by ryan on December 13, 2016

Cleaning Business Plan Templates


Having a specific carpet cleaning business plan is the most important step to take if you really want to make money. Anyone can work to keep busy but a good carpet cleaning business plan will actually teach you how to be profitable and will help you to be successful over the long run.

While following a business plan is very important, an equally important point is what type of plan you follow. You can take the time to research the entire business of carpet cleaning and then list your goals and develop your own plan as to how you will reach your goals. To do so you should be familiar with all types of advertising and marketing of a carpet cleaning business. You should also research you own local area and take special note of your competition. You can learn a lot by looking closely at your competition. Of course when starting a carpet cleaning business, you also have to consider your budget for equipment and supply purchases and any cost of training that might be necessary.


Do I Really Need a Carpet Cleaning Business Plan?

Fact: Carpet Cleaning Can Be a Great Business

Fact: Anyone can learn to clean carpets

Fact: Most New Carpet Cleaning Businesses Will NOT Be Profitable and will WASTE Money!



Fact: You Need a Dependable Carpet Cleaning Business Plan

Over the years I’ve learned that most attempting to start a carpet cleaning business become frustrated when they start doing the research. After all, the new business owner wants to jump in and start making money by cleaning carpets. While that is understandable, it should be pointed out that most new business owners will waste too much of their budget on unneeded tools, supplies and advertising. Since they don’t have any trusted guidance, they tend to take the “shotgun” approach to advertising and the purchase of equipment.


Advances in carpet cleaning technology have flooded the market with new types of machines and cleaning systems all claiming to offer the best possible service to the buyer. The biggest mistake a new owner can make is listening to the equipment manufacturer’s representatives and distributor sales people. They have one thing in mind which is their commission and generally speaking will be more then happy to recommend every product they sell. Have you ever wondered why there is always used carpet cleaning equipment for sale? A sad fact is after buying unnecessary tools and having them sit around with no use, the owners finally admit their errors and try to make some money on their mistakes. It makes much more sense to seek advice from someone who has been in the business and actually knows what equipment is profitable and what equipment will sit in the garage and gather dust.

A good carpet cleaning business plan will also target the subject of advertising. The basics of advertising a carpet cleaning business today have changed drastically over the past few years. Today, the new carpet cleaning business guide should include the setup of a simple web site, business cards and brochures or flyers for handing out and posting in the many free areas located around every town.

The last thing a new carpet cleaning business needs is an expensive spread in their yellow pages pitting them against all the established competition. It is unfortunate that some new businesses never get past paying off their advertising bills. Their advertising representative will guarantee them phone calls if they use their “book.” What they don’t tell the new business owner is that 99% of those calls will prove to be a complete waste of time. How can I say that? Easy, my associates and I have been successfully operating carpet cleaning businesses for decades without the aid of popular paid advertising. You will be shocked at the simple and inexpensive ways there are to generate business.

The new business owner is left with the decision to develop his new carpet cleaning business plan from scratch or to follow the guidance provided by someone who has years of experience in the carpet cleaning business. It only makes good sense that you can save a lot of time and money by following a carpet cleaning business plan created by someone you can trust. Their guidance means the new business owner doesn’t have to make the same mistakes so common in the industry. Since 2007′, the contributors of this site have been helping new business owners to succeed and be profitable.



You’ll can find all sorts of cheap advice on auction sites if you desire but remember the established truth, “You truly get what you pay for”.

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