Compliance Risk Assessment Templates

by ryan on February 13, 2017

Compliance Risk Assessment


What is a compliance risk assessment Template?

To describe it shortly in it’s core,the compliance risk assessment, is an financial or operational risk assessment, an assessment where a company can be a victim of an unethical act or an investigation or audit.

A note would be that fraud assessments are different and this processes can be combined with any compliance risk assessments.

You need to know that the federal sentencing guidelines now indicate that if you want to implement an effective compliance program, an organization will periodically assess the risk of criminal conduct and will take the suitable steps to try and design, implement or try to modify each of the requirements of any compliance programs in order to reduce the risks of criminal conducts that are identified through that process.

The element of an effective compliance program is a good risk assessment.

An example of a compliance risk assessment for the fiscal year FY 2017

The compliance department started a project to design , develop and trying to implement an process of assessment that rigorously assesses compliance risks with CHW.

In order to evaluate the controls to try and mitigate the risks and prioritize it so that it is sure that the most appropriate resources are used and only in the areas that have the greatest vulnerability.

This process was utilized by the compliance department ( CHW ) in order to develop the FY2017 plan of working. For the FY08, the current compliance department would surely like to expand the deployment of the risk assessment and try to utilize the expertise of the CHW council, risk services, care management, finance and legal in order to identify the others in assessing the vulnerabilities to compliance risks through CHW.

The process that will be utilized by the compliance department of facilitated discussions is done to solicit the participations of various stakeholders.

Here we present the guide that was used in assisting the facilitators in conducting the compliance risk assessments

1. Each and every facilitator will be assigned to an assessment group and this group will be CHW council that this facilitator gelerally will work with

2.A simple overview of the  current project should be provided to the council three months prior to the planned date of assessment.

3.Don’t forget about the risk identification survey, as it will be sent to each member of the council

4.The facilitator will get the risk survey and each area of risk that is identified will be entered in the assessment tool

5.In the council meeting, the completion of the risk assessment is required.

6.The final results of the risk assessment will be handled for the inclusion in the final assessment.

7.A wide compliance risk assessment will be completed at an organization wide scale

8.In this time the 08 fiscal year work plan will be shared with the CHW councils.

Compliance Risk Assessment

Compliance risk assessment step example


A compliance risk assessment isn’t a hard thing to do provided that you have the necessary experience

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