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by ryan on February 9, 2017

What should I know about Fire risk assessment ?


In this article we will find out what is fire risk assessment, why do you need a fire risk assessment, and how can you ensure that it is done right.

I often hear the following words : ” Fire can be your best servant but when we flip the roles, the fire is a bad master “. What can we “see” from this words?

It means that when you control it, it’s your best tool when you need it but when it strikes uncontrollably, the fire can take away everything from you.

Here is where fire risk assessment comes into his role, working for ” society of fire protection “, building or facility

This topic of fire safety and risk assessment is up in the air since the 1st Octomber 2006 ( it was issued in 2005 but came into effect

Fire risk assessment

Prevent this with a Fire risk assessment
only in 2006 ), when the regulatory reform ( also known as fire safety order ), is asking all the public premises and businesses to try and carry out an updated fire risk assessment. You probably know that this major modification in regulations, makes it impossible and illegal for businesses to function properly without doing a fire risk assessment, and this isn’t dependable on the size of the business.

Quite a big change in some pieces of legislation, more exactly over 70, and the goal of the changes is to make the fire safety legislation more clear to every people, so they can be more aware in their responsibilities.

This is a good modification, depending on the angle you are looking at it. It takes the emphasis from the fire services ( which are quite demanded ) and place it on preventing and/or reducing risks of fire.

Who are the people that are responsible to do a fire risk assessment and what is the project scope and goals ?

Voluntary type organizations and charity
The ones that are responsible for a business premise
A contractor that has some degree of control over any premises and the ones that are providing an accommodation for paying guests
Self-employed person or an employer that has a business premise

Shortening this, if you are an owner of a workplace or a company manager, you certainly must nominate a person that is suitable and “responsible”.

After we are done choosing the right person, the lucky person is in charge of the fire safety and it must take actions and demonstrate that they are competent and have an suitable fire risk assessment and action plan that has been constructed and transmitted to every people that are likely to be affected.

How should a fire risk assessment should look?

Well, very briefly, evacuation plans and fire risk assessment should be made considering and identifying any hazards that could possibly start a fire ( examples are normal naked flames, various heaters and/or other electric devices that can cause a fire, combustible materials, cookers, waste materials and also display materials ).

After you struggled to reduce the risk as much as you can, next comes the examination of any risks that can’t be cleared away and the evaluate what fire safety measures you can take to clear the problems.

The job is not done until you document an emergency plan and record any hazards, keeping records of fire drills, fire equipment and extinguisher checks in the fire log,and the training of the staff in fire safety.

When you make changes to the building, you must also make changes or review the fire risk assessment.

One thing that can ease your job in doing a fire risk assessment is either calling a professional to do it for you or you can use simple training materials which can assist you in making the fire risk assessment. Any one of these two options will make your life easier and steer you in the right direction.

Fire risk assessment is an important job, which you must ensure that it is done properly, because if any major problem is found, they can restrict your premises and close them, waiting for you to deal with any problems that they tell you. So if you don’t want to go through the painful procedures of re-assessing your fire risk assessment, the best practices are either employing a professional, buy a DVD guide to fire risk assessment and/or seek guidance from someone who knows what he’s doing and lastly, nowadays there are some fire risk assessment softwares that can help





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